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New Reader Update

Even though the site will have a few updates applied to it soon, I wanted to give new readers a quick heads up for how everything works around here.

Going forward, I’ll be making regular updates to both of the blogs on the site, but I won’t necessarily follow some sort of pattern.  Frankly, this is to protect you from lazy, repetitive writing.  Because nothing’s worst than a lazy author who uses the same words and phrases over and over, over and over.

OK, that was terrible.

But it won’t be in the future, because the Author Blog and Book Blog will get updates as appropriate!  The Book Blog will be everything related to The Phoenix Fallacy itself.  I’ll keep general updates and news posted here, plus any stories directly related to the publishing of the book.  The Author’s Blog will b...

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Countdown to July 1

Book 1 is in it’s final prep for launch, and it’s certainly keeping me busy.  Between putting in final preparations for the digital formatting, editing the next two books for release soon after, and adding content to the site – well, time is extremely short.

With the website live, I’ll be looking to send out the last few free copies of the book before the July 1 release.  Just hit the ‘Contact’ button and shoot me an e-mail, and I’ll send a copy your way.  Just make sure to tell your friends and family if you like it!

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Summer Tour ’13

For those of you who don’t know, starting July 1st, not only am I launching Book 1 of The Phoenix Fallacy, but I’ll be starting a whole new life on the West Coast!  I’m moving out to Seattle to start a computer science program.

But… since the program doesn’t actually start until September, I’m taking a bit of a road trip in-between.  And when I say a bit of a road trip… I’m actually zig-zagging across the country.  I’ll be running up the East Coast, then heading West, Southwest, and finally, up along the California coast.

I’ll be posting news and updates from the trip right here, but for now, you’ll just get regular updates about how much prep is required!  Essentially this will boil down to a great deal of whining about long drives, but hopefully, some interesting stuff will happen in ...

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Prepping for Launch!

Pre-launch preparations for The Phoenix Fallacy are underway.  Get ready for more big news coming down the pipeline!

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