New Reader Update

Even though the site will have a few updates applied to it soon, I wanted to give new readers a quick heads up for how everything works around here.

Going forward, I’ll be making regular updates to both of the blogs on the site, but I won’t necessarily follow some sort of pattern.  Frankly, this is to protect you from lazy, repetitive writing.  Because nothing’s worst than a lazy author who uses the same words and phrases over and over, over and over.

OK, that was terrible.

But it won’t be in the future, because the Author Blog and Book Blog will get updates as appropriate!  The Book Blog will be everything related to The Phoenix Fallacy itself.  I’ll keep general updates and news posted here, plus any stories directly related to the publishing of the book.  The Author’s Blog will be a lot more dynamic, covering interesting tidbits from daily life.  This will really take off this summer when I begin my cross-country road trip.  General writing tips, thoughts, etc. will also go under here.

If you’re looking for more info about the book itself, check out the About, Runes, and The Silent Language pages. They’ll fill you in on some cool stuff that I couldn’t put into the pages of The Phoenix Fallacy itself.  Eventually, I’ll work to expand these with some new content – probably starting with a glossary of terms, and some of the collected art of the book.

Finally, you can always reach out to me, or ask for a copy of the book, through the Contact and Get The Book buttons.  Yes, I realize that explanation was unnecessary, but I’m a completionist.  I was compelled.

With the next site update, the slideshow should direct you to various pages of the site or to my twitter feed Janus@phoenixnoj.  By following, you’ll get updates to posts, and occasionally (this is not a guarantee), bits of wisdom.  You won’t get rants or politics, even though few things condense to 160 characters better than angry ramblings.

Most of this is pretty self explanatory, but I really wanted to give people an easy way to get a feel for the blogs, and the site, and tell them how the site will change in the next few weeks.  I hope you like it!