Summer Slam

Hey folks,

Well, first off let me apologize for not posting more often over the summer.  It’s actually turned out to be quite a bit busier than I anticipated.  Between friends, activities, and work, it’s been very, very hectic.

Many of you know I took a job over the summer teaching kids basic programming skills as part of a DigiPen summer camp/outreach program.  Although it has been a good experience, I can definitely say I honestly don’t know how teachers survive the school year!  I’ve taught for four weeks now, and every single week has ended up being exhausting!  The particular program I worked with was a strange summer camp/summer school hybrid that required myself and fellow teachers/TAs to grade assignments and submit those to the local school system.  Let’s just say I have new appreciation for all of the teachers I’ve had throughout my life, and their patience.

When I haven’t been teaching, there have been plenty of things going on to keep me busy:

My old MBA program pal Mike O’Brien visited me while he was in town for business, and we had a grand time touring Seattle and checking out the sights!  I even managed to see my first Mariner’s game, which ended up being a great deal of fun!




























Unfortunately, the Mariners lost the game to the Red Sox, but that made Mike happy since he both grew up and now resides in Boston.  And since the Mariner’s almost swept the series, hospitality dictated we had to throw my guest a bone or two.

That same week, we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, which was a great decision (credit to Mike for that one).  I highly recommend it as a day trip to anyone visiting Seattle during the summer.  The island had plenty of flowers blooming, and it was very relaxing to walk all along the little avenues of the town.  It’s only about a 35 minute ferry ride and definitely a neat place.

Besides all that, I’ve been hard at work at my Physics engine and learning a ton from some very clever upper-classmates.  As I get a little more comfortable with the material, I plan on making some posts related directly to physics engine development for those interested to learn.  It’s not an easy subject and information about it isn’t super easy to come by unless you know where to look.  I’d like to be able to post some things for any future programmers or curious minds to look to.

When I haven’t been working on the engine or with my new game team directly at school, we’ve spent a fair amount of time just shooting the breeze and playing games of poker or dominoes, or occasionally working on solving a bunch old metal and wood puzzles one of my teammates has collected over the years.  I’ve pretty much been bouncing back and forth between super busy and super relaxed all summer, which honestly, isn’t too bad.

That sums up most of what’s been happening out here for while.  I’m going to be keeping with the once a month format for now, and will hopefully have an update about Book 3 of The Phoenix Fallacy in the next few months.  See you next time!



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  • Dad  says:

    Glad you are having a good summer. Looking forward to seeing you in the very near future!

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