Terrifying Edits

Hey everyone and Happy Halloween!

It’s a combination of tricks and treats this month.

First the trick/bad news: I didn’t finish the edits this month.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t get it done, but last month I talked about coming in hot, and I just couldn’t make it.  The last few weeks have been filled with lots of good edits… which means that they are taking a long time.  The last few chapters I’ve been working on have taken quite a while.  I think they were good before, but they are much better now.  However, my previous 2 to 4 chapters a week has dropped to 1 to 2 a week.  Again, I think this is good in many ways, but it means I’m behind on my edits.  I’m hoping once I get through this section, the pace will resume, but no guarantees.  But don’t fear, I’m still devoting a few hours every day to the process, and may be adding some more time on weekends as well (I just finished a session before this post).  Please bear with me as I continue this process, as I’m committed to delivering a great read to you.

OK. So now that the trick is out of the way, it’s time for the treat:

Behold, the third and final cover in The Phoenix Fallacy Trilogy!


This cover was created by the very talented Daniel Fernandez, and I’m super excited to have the chance to show it to all of you.  I hope this helps hold you over while you wait for the book to release, but in the meantime, Happy Halloween and see you in a month!


One comment to Terrifying Edits

  • Michael  says:

    Nice, i’m rereading the first two books in anticipation of the third book.

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