The Colors of Fall

Hey Folks!

I don’t know about you, but the last week went by extremely quickly.  Maybe it’s my self-imposed deadline with the book closing in, or the fact that my game project just seems to be moving up faster and faster, but the days are really short right now.

Of course, it might have to do with the fact that the days themselves are literally getting shorter, too.

I’ve never lived in an area that had a true ‘Fall’ season before, so seeing the colors change here in Redmond has been pretty remarkable.  Funny enough, I didn’t even notice the change happening at first.  As a testament to at least my nature (if not human nature), I spent every day of the last week riding back and forth to school and apparently never looked up.

Just by accident as I was riding one morning, I adjusted my helmet and suddenly caught sight of this:


It’s fair to say I was blown away.  Living in Florida taught me that fall was about palm trees and humidity.  The explosion of color I witnessed was so unexpected that I had to stop immediately and take a picture.  A few actually:



Right on the campus.

As someone who has never seen the leaves change quite so directly, it really is an amazing process to witness.  I’m actually a bit disappointed with my hours at school, as I haven’t had a chance to catch the leaves in nice bright sunlight, but I think the pictures convey a good sense of how vivid the trees are right now.

While I was taking these photos, it occurred to me just how often we overlook incredible details because we’re so focused on a single task.  I’m not quite sure how I missed such an obvious and beautiful event before that moment.  But it’s a reminder to always keep on the lookout for opportunity, and to appreciate those unexpected moments.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, I can get back to the grindstone and work on my novel! : )

Book 2 is moving along, although I’ll be pushing back my release plans a bit.  The fine sheen of polish isn’t quite there yet, and I only release the best quality novels for my discerning readership!  My current self-imposed deadline is the Thursday before Thanksgiving – so all of you can have a chance to read it then and share it with your family for Christmas!

The cover is coming together nicely so far, and I think I can make the deadline, so I expect all of you to hold me to it.  In the meantime, you’ll have to wait in eager anticipation just a little longer.

See you next time!

2 comments to The Colors of Fall

  • Aunt Sandy  says:

    Hello Jon,
    I have enjoyed reading about what is happening in your life. I am really proud of you; doing what you want to do and loving the heck out of it. Keep up the good work, but remember to always look up and enjoy the life and beauty around you. The most important thing is not the destiny but the trip. Remember that!! You will reach your destiny, I know that. The process is slow for a reason, like the changing seasons. Let it unfold as nature intended, slow but with a purpose. Thanks for the pictures,it is beeutiful there. love, Sandy

  • Linda Clegg  says:

    Hi John. I know how beautiful the Fall is. I grew up in Michigan and still miss this time of year. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. So happy you are doing well and learning so much!!!! Linda

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