The Phoenix Fallacy: Book 2!

Hey folks,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mine was a mixture of mad-scramble and occasionally being a bit more lazy than I should have.  As some of you know, I didn’t end up travelling home this year, which marks it as the first time I haven’t spent the holiday with my family.

Fortunately for me, I’ve met plenty of wonderful people up here in Seattle, and a few of them were kind enough to invite me over to join them!  I ended up eating Thanksgiving dinner with the family of one of my project teammates.  It was a great meal, with delicious homemade fixings and a truly memorable apple pie at the end to finish it off!  All of it was made from scratch, which makes the feat of cooking it all even more impressive.  Many thanks to the Street family for the wonderful meal.

When I wasn’t stuffing myself more than I should have, or getting some relaxation in, I was hard at work on my book.  And it’s my pleasure to announce that, as of today, the final round of edits on Book II has been completed.  Barring an unforeseen issue with my cover, Book 2 will release in two weeks, on Thursday, Dec. 12th!

In the meantime, I’d like to show you all the brand new map I had created for the world of the Phoenix Fallacy, designed to show off the locations and territory of every major Corporation in the books:

map illustration (2)

Personally, I really think the map looks fantastic, and I have many praises for the talented artist – Edwin Ho – who put it together for me.  And besides the great symbols for each Corporation, you’ll notice little touches on the map – like that Phoenix itself has no territory and that its symbol has been scorched.  I think it’s a great addition for everyone who’s ever wondered where exactly the events of the book are taking place.  I’ll you readers figure out what major cities might have been engulfed by the Corporations during their rise to power.

My only problem now is getting this fantastic image in the book – Kindle’s image guidelines for pictures not on the cover are extremely limited, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit it in directly.  However, I’ll be adding a page to the website so that the map is always accessible to everyone.

On the school front, we’re in our final mad dash for the finish line.  Finals are less than two weeks away now, and our final game projects are due Friday.  I should have a video of the final game next week, and hopefully have a video of our robotic car we’ve been programming the past couple weeks in our CS100 course soon after that.  With any luck, the video will be of it successfully navigating an obstacle course (a very simple course, mind you), and not it crashing into something.

Well, that about wraps it up around here.  Spread the word about the upcoming Book II release, and I’ll see you next week!


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  • Linda Clegg  says:

    Dear John, Best of luck on the new book release. I’m happy you had a nice Thanksgiving with your friends. I hope I get to see you at Christmas.

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