What is the Phoenix Fallacy?  Is it something as simple as a lost truth, one that man was too foolish to remember?  Or is it something as dangerous as an idea, one that makes fools of men?

In a world dominated by Cerberus Corporation, few have the opportunity to find out.  But deep in the slums of Cerberus, a young man dreams of more.  For Janus, as he is known, has the wits to stand out, and the mouth to get noticed.

And when he is grabbed by Cerberus Security and sold to a mercenary legion, a journey begins that will ultimately lead to his discovery about the dark secrets hidden within the highest echelons of Cerberus, and within himself.  For Janus is no ordinary youth, and history has lessons only for those who listen to its teachings.

But Janus won’t be taking the journey alone.  Joining him will be the other new cadets of ODIN legion: Celes, the kind but mysterious sniper; Lyn, the wisecracking and cheerful scout; Ramirez, the insightful yet reserved heavy gunner; and Marcus, the cunning and confident Security Trooper.  And all of them will be guided by the tough-as-nails Sergeant Wouris, who has her own battles to fight.

Even with their help, the question remains: will Janus learn the nature of the Phoenix Fallacy before it costs him, or his squad, their lives?


The World Of The Phoenix Fallacy

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